Dermatology Compounding

Our compounding pharmacists at Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center can customize individual treatments for a wide range of dermatological issues. We can prepare creams, ointments, gels, powders, and a variety of oral delivery forms. In addition, we compound unique and high- quality formulations. With a physician’s prescription, our pharmacy can compound preparations to treat special problems. Products and conditions that we specialize in are as follow:

•    Topical Anesthetics
•    Barrier Creams
•    Skin and Wound Care
•    Psoriasis (red skin with flaky scales)
•    Eczema (dryness and recurring skin rash)          
•    Wart removal
•    Skin pigmentation
•    Acne
•    Nail fungus
•    Hair Loss

Choosing an appropriate dermatological delivery option can be the difference in successful treatment outcomes for various skin conditions.  Each type of base has characteristics unique to the preparation and, with your practitioner, we can help select the best option for your condition.

How can using a compounded dermatological prescription benefit me?

Many times patients have skin conditions that don’t respond to traditional
medication therapies or are limited to a few strengths of commercially available
products. With compounding, your prescriber can formulate combinations of
different medications which we can compound into a topical cream, lotion, solution or other dosage form to treat difficult cases of dermatological conditions.

How can I get a compounded dermatological prescription?

Like other medications, most dermatological prescriptions will require an appointment to ensure the appropriate diagnosis and treatment is made.  A visit to your dermatologist and a prescription written by the doctor will allow us to prepare your prescription for you.

How are these compounded prescriptions formulated?

Using specialized formulations and pharmaceutical grade ingredients our pharmacists can formulate topical preparations exactly as your doctor orders. Sometimes your doctor may order a special prescription that contains more than one active drug or a special base.  Our compounding pharmacists at Nature’s Pharmacy consult other references and literature to make sure all drugs used are compatible with the type of base ordered (i.e. cream, lotion, ointment, gel, spray, etc...) Every prescription at Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center is compounded in accordance with the highest standards of pharmaceutical compounding practice.