Podiatry Compounding

While we have half the number of feet as many other mammals, our feet produce twice as many problems. From blisters, sprains, and ingrown toenails, to fungus infection, arthritis and neuropathy, podiatrists are confronted with almost as many conditions as they have patients. Fortunately, podiatrists are able to employ the services of compounding pharmacies, such as Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center, to deal with most podiatry problems which are experienced in their practice.

One of the most common problems foot doctors address is fungus, which attacks toenails as well as other parts of the feet. While fungus is usually not life-threatening, it can be very irritating and unsightly. Compounding pharmacies can offer a variety of anti-fungal medications for the specific treatment of fungus and athlete’s foot.  Rather than the one-size-fits-all common drugstore remedies, several ingredients can be combined to fit individual patient needs.

Pain management is an important priority of podiatry medications. One of the most debilitating conditions seen is foot neuropathy, which is an affliction of the nerves as opposed to the issue of localized pain. With neuropathy, it is often more effective to treat a painful area with gels or lotions than it is to take oral medications. The fundamental advantage of topical treatments: pain relief is more immediate, since the patient receives direct delivery to the pain receptors. A second advantage of topical applications: they are not absorbed through the gastrointestinal system, thereby greatly reducing side effects, such as upset stomach.  Compounding pharmacies also present to the podiatrists opportunities to order precise combinations of multiple active ingredients to help delay the progress of neuropathic disease.

Almost everyone who is on his or her feet or indulges in physical activities will suffer some kind of foot ailment…tendonitis, muscle tissue tenderness or cramping, painful corns and calluses, and plantar’s warts.  Relief of the above ailments through use of mass-produced medicines or pharmaceuticals may help to relieve the above ailments(s), but they may also cause allergic reactions.  Compounding pharmacies can provide the ointment, gel, balm, salve or lotion which specifically eliminates the irritating or allergic agent.

Each person has individual medical cares and concerns.  The primary mission of Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center is to attend to those varied and specific needs of our clients.