Dosage Forms

Animal Treats

Many animals don’t like to swallow pills.  Soft, chewable animal treats are a great alternative and can be custom-flavored.


To meet the diverse needs of our patients, we have gelatin or cellulose (veggie) capsules available in a variety of sizes. Capsules can be made dye-free, lactose-free, or hypoallergenic depending on your needs. We are also able to formulate some medications into a slow release capsule.

Ear Capsules

For hard to treat ear infections, we make special capsules with multiple ingredients. The capsules are placed into a special device called an insufflator that is designed to disperse the powder from the capsule into the ear canal.

Sublingual Tablets

With medications that are quickly metabolized or broken down by acid in the stomach, a sublingual tablet (placed under the tongue) can be used to bypass the stomach and obtain higher concentrations in the blood.


Many times, taking a medication by mouth is not the best option. We make vaginal and rectal suppositories. Smaller suppositories are also available for children or small animals.


A troche is a lozenge that is held in the mouth and allowed to slowly dissolve. In addition to being used for a local effect in the mouth, they can also be used for a systemic effect (similar to sublingual tablets).

Liquid Medications
(Solutions & Suspensions)

Many medications are not commercially available as a liquid. We can formulate a solution or suspension to meet your individual needs such as to enhance flavor, eliminate dye or to make a customized strength.

Topical Creams, Ointments and Gels

To create a local effect and reduce side effects, many medications can be used topically in place of taking pills by mouth. Creams, ointments and gels are also beneficial for children, animals, hospice patients and others that have a hard time swallowing pills.