From house cats to meerkats, koalas to k-9’s, we have custom-made medications for all kinds of animals.  

We’ve worked together with dozens of veterinarians in the area, including veterinarians from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  We can work with your veterinarian to find the right solutions to treat the animals in your life.

Benefits of compounded medications for animals:

  • Customized strengths – Even if a medication is commercially available, the variety of strengths available from the manufacturer may not be suitable for all animals (especially very small or large animals.)
  •  Unique dosage forms  If a medication is only manufactured as a tablet and your animal won’t take a pill, it can often be compounded into a flavored suspension, a treat or even a cream that is rubbed onto the skin and absorbed into the blood stream.  Transdermal medications are commonly used in animals that should not be stressed due to a heart condition or animals that refuse to take medications by mouth.
  •  Flavor options – Many manufactured products are available in flavors that people would like, such as bubble gum or mint, but these flavors are not appealing to animals.  We have flavors such as chicken, fish, beef or peanut butter that are more appealing to cats, dogs and other animals.
  • Unavailable medications – Often times, after a medication is discontinued, we are still able to obtain the active ingredient as a pure powder and incorporate it into the dosage form and strength prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • Improved compliance – If an animal requires multiple medications that are to be taken at the same time, they can often be compounded together into one prescription to make administration easier on the owner as well as the animal.

If you and your veterinarian are having difficulty medicating your animal, call Nature’s Pharmacy and we can help find solutions to your problems.