What is your return policy?2018-05-31T00:52:07-05:00

Prescription medications may not be returned to our pharmacy once the prescription leaves our store. This is a state law in Ohio that dictates our store policy. Over the counter items, may be returned if they are unopened with a store receipt.

Where are you located?2018-05-31T00:52:49-05:00

We are located in Fairview Park, Ohio; a southwest suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. There is convenient access to our store from interstates 480, 71 and 90.

Our pharmacy is located in a tan brick building at the Northwest corner of W 217th Street and Lorain Road (across from Giant Eagle). There is a parking lot located behind our building with access off of W 217th Street. Come in the back door and go down the stairs. We are in the lower level of the building.

Unfortunately, our location is not handicap accessible. However, we can make arrangements to accommodate our customers. Just call us from your cell phone.

Do you accept my prescription insurance?2018-05-31T00:53:30-05:00

We do accept some, but not all insurance cards. We will request your insurance information and attempt to bill your prescription. If we are not contracted with your insurance, we will provide you with a claim form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for your prescription. If you have pet insurance, be sure to mention it so that we can provide you with a claim form as well.

Do you accept credit cards?2018-05-31T00:53:54-05:00

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also accept checks and cash.

May I fax my prescription to your pharmacy?2018-05-31T00:54:17-05:00

NO, you may not fax your prescription. In the State of Ohio, prescriptions may be faxed from a doctor’s or veterinarian’s office but not by a patient.

What are your store hours?2019-04-09T14:57:06-05:00

Monday through Friday 9am – 5:30 pm

We are closed weekends and holidays. Our voice mail is a convenient manner to leave messages for us to retrieve on the next business day.

How do I obtain refills for my prescription?2018-05-31T00:55:52-05:00

Customers may call or fax our store for refills. Please have your prescription number on hand at the time of your request. If we are closed, our voice mail is a convenient way to leave messages for us to retrieve on the next business day.

How early should I request a prescription refill?2018-05-31T00:55:34-05:00

Because we are a compounding pharmacy, your prescription is custom made just for you. We request that you call three or more business days in advance for your prescription. We do try to accommodate all requests in a timely manner. A rush fee will be charged if you call in your refill the same day you wish to pick it up.

What if there are no refills left on my prescription?2018-05-31T00:56:25-05:00

You may contact your doctor to call in a new prescription for your medication or the doctor may fax this information. Our pharmacists may also be available to contact the physician for a refill request.

Can my compounded medication be shipped?2018-05-31T00:56:11-05:00

We do use FedEx, UPS and the US postal service to ship medications within the state of Ohio. Please call us for current shipping prices. Medications are packaged to ensure safe arrival. Ice packs and a cooler are used for medications that require refrigeration.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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