How to Prescribe a Compound

Just like commercially available medications, prescriptions for compounded medications can be written and given to the patient or they can be called, faxed, or e-scribed from the doctor’s office directly to our pharmacy.

When writing a prescription for a compounded medication it is important that the prescriber specifies:

  • Active ingredient(s) (generic name)
  • Strength or dose (mg/mL, %, mg, etc.)
  • Dosage form (capsule, suspension, suppository, etc.)
  • Directions
  • Quantity to be dispensed
  • Refills

If a prescriber is using a computer system to generate the prescription, there may be limitations to the drug names available from the drop-down list.  If this is the case “compounded medication” or something similar should be selected from the drop-down list. The prescriber can then indicate the active ingredient(s), strength(s), and dosage form in the directions or notes of the prescription.

Of course, if the prescriber has any questions about how to prescribe a compounded medication, our pharmacists are just a phone call away.